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This site disseminates insights into the pioneering work of German research scientist and pharmacist Hertha Hafer.

In the 1970s Hafer observed how the high intake of dietary phosphate causes serious mineral deficiencies and imbalances in the human body, triggering a host of health problems, including ADD/ADHD.

Phosphate is a highly versatile food additive, used in ever increasing quantities by the food industry. Phosphate is considered safe to add to foods because it is an essential mineral, important for the development of healthy bones, teeth and skin.

ADD/ADHD is a problem that predominantly affects people living in a Western society. Hafer's research shows that Western diets are high in phosphate; that the human body is absorbing more than it needs; that as the intake of phosphate increases, the prevalence of ADD/ADHD increases. Today the number of diagnosed ADD/ADHD cases has reached pandemic proportions.

In Hafer's son's case, a phosphate-reduced diet led to dramatic improvements in behaviour, well-being and school performance, making medication unnecessary. Hafer recorded her findings and published them in a book titled Die heimliche Droge: Nahrungsphosphat. In this book, Hafer gives a detailed account of her son's behaviour, the research she undertook to help him and the science-based evidence she found. The English translation of Hafer's book, The Hidden Drug: Dietary Phosphate is available for purchase from this website.

Current research into the effects of high phosphate intake verifies Hafer's observations. For example, recent studies suggest that osteoporosis in teenagers is caused by the consumption of coke and other beveridges high in phosphate.

In Germany and in Switzerland thousands of families have followed Hafer's recommendations and been rewarded with happy, healthy and highly talented children. Hafer's research and recommendations are of interest for everybody, including adults.

You will find a wealth of information on this site in support of Hafer's findings.

One health professional described the information as follows:

"In many ways this site is outstanding, it has a treasure of excellent info. I am glad to refer patients to!"
Dr. Jo Williams, nutritional scientist, US


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