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Disclaimer and Privacy Undertaking

Please read the disclaimer and privacy undertaking before you act upon any of the information contained in this website.


The authors of this website have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and fairly represents Hafer's findings. We have launched this website in the interest of the general public, because we believe very many families can benefit significantly from the information herein contained.

Given, however, that much research remains to be done and that we can have no control over the manner in which the information in this website may be applied nor the uses to which it may be put, we hereby disclaim liability for any adverse consequences which may arise, or may be considered to have arisen, as a result of its application by any person. We are not qualified to give medical advice. Therefore, persons who use this information do so at their own risk.

Privacy Undertaking

We respect your privacy at all times and hereby make a categorical undertaking that if you choose to contact us, in no circumstances will we give your email address or personal details to anyone. In the event that we would like to post your story on our website, we will first specifically seek your permission in writing to do so. If you would like to share a testimonial about your experiences with the diet, please send it to the email below. All contributions are very much appreciated.


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