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"I recommend Hertha Hafer's book The Hidden Drug: Dietary Phosphate to my addiction patients, because so many have ADD and the disturbed chemistry that underlies ADD. Unless this underlying chemical disturbance is corrected, these people just keep relapsing to their addiction. Dexamphetamine is the mainstay of the treatment of ADD but diet is extremely important also, as so many addicts have such terrible junk food diets. We find this book very helpful."

In The Hidden Drug: Dietary Phosphate, Hertha Hafer points out that drug addiction can be treated only if the behaviour disorder (ADD/ADHD) is also treated.

Dr Beck is of the same opinion:

"Heroin addiction and the abuse of other substances such as alcohol, amphetamines and prescribed medications, are almost never primary conditions. They are nearly always secondary conditions, the result of pre-existing, underlying, physical, chemical, mental or social problems.

"These problems must be discovered and dealt with in every case, if treatment of the addiction is to be truly successful and relapse is to be avoided.

"Western medicine still has not recognized that the largest, most easily diagnosed and most readily treated group of people addicted to illicit drugs, are the undiagnosed ADD sufferers. Rapid progress could be made with the whole drug problem, at very limited additional cost to begin with and great savings later, if this obvious fact was recognized."

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