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List B - Additives with phosphate components - USA and Canada


Acetylated distarch phosphate
Acid calcium phosphate
Acid sodium pyrophosphate
Ammonium phosphate dibasic
Ammonium phosphate monobasic
Ammonium phosphatides
Ammonium polyphosphates
Ammonium salts of phosphatic acid
Bone phosphate, edible
Calcium hydrogen orthophosphate
Calcium phosphate dibasic
Calcium phosphate monobasic
Calcium phosphate tribasic
Calcium polyphosphates
Dicalcium diphosphate
Disodium dihydrogen diphosphate
Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate
Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate
Distarch phosphate
Edible bone phosphate
Guanosine 5' - (disodium phosphate)
Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate
Inosine 5' - (disodium phosphate)
Magnesium hydrogen dibasic
Magnesium hydrogen phosphate
Magnesium hydrogen tribasic
Monocalcium orthophosphate
Monostarch phosphate
Orthophosphoric acid
Phosphated distarch phosphate
Phosphoric Acid
Polyphosphates, ammonium
Polyphosphates, calcium
Polyphosphates, potassium and sodium
Potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate
Potassium phosphate dibasic
Potassium phosphate monobasic
Potassium phosphate tribasic
Potassium polyphosphates
Potassium tripolyphosphate
Riboflavin-5'-phosphate sodium
Sodium acid pyrophosphate
Sodium aluminium phosphate, acidic
Sodium aluminium phosphate, basic
Sodium dihydrogen orthophosphate
Sodium phosphate dibasic
Sodium phosphate monobasic
Sodium phosphate tribasic
Sodium polyphosphates
Sodium pyrophosphate
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Tetrapotassium diphosphate
Tripotassium orthophosphate
Tetrasodium diphosphate
Trisodium diphosphate
Trisodium orthophosphate
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