The Hidden Drug: Dietary Phosphate
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This site disseminates information about Hertha Hafer's research and findings. Hafer, a German research pharmacist, has observed that today's high intake of dietary phosphate is linked to behaviour problems, learning difficulties, juvenile delinquency and many health problems.

Hertha Hafer
Hafer, who was assisted in her research by her husband Herbert Hafer, also a researcher, working in the field of cellular biology, published her findings in a book titled Die Heimliche Droge, Nahrungsphosphat. The book went through several reprints. Hafer writes, “Twenty years ago it did not enter my mind that this book would survive more than five reprints. Today I can affirm that not only have my findings been verified over time but also that we have gained immense insight into the problem of ADD/ADHD. It is no longer a question of 10-20 percent of males being affected by the syndrome but of an entire population reacting in one way or another to phosphate-rich foods”.

Diet Connection
Today it is known that phosphate run-off from cleaning products, fertillisers and agri-chemicals has a highly damaging effect on the earth's eco-systems. Environmentally concerned people across the world very quickly instigated successful programmes to protect plants, waterways, marine life, and so forth. In contrast, few people realise that phosphate-rich foods and beverages pose an equally serious health hazard to sensitive children and adults. This page discusses the connection between the high intake of phosphate-rich foods and ADD/ADHD and the link between the high intake of phosphate and other health conditions.

Characteristics and pH Test
Phosphates play an all important role in controlling the body's pH regulatory system. You therefore may be unsure whether you or your child are affected by the high intake of phosphate. Forty questions are presented to help you work out whether ADD/ADHD affects your family, along with instructions on how to measure the pH saliva.

People who have read The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate and have implimented the recommendations have posted their stories on this page. Each story illustrates the remarkable results which can be achieved by following Hafer's recommendations. If you too wish to share your experiences, please contact us. Your story is highly valued because it contributes to the overall increase in awareness.

Supportive Evidence
This link cites a number of independent reports written by research scientists and paediatricians which, when taken together, provide further evidence that is strongly supportive of Hafer's theory.

Unfortunately, food manufacturers do not always provide adequate information about their foods, making it very difficult for consumers to make informed choices about the food they buy. Moreover, food manufactureres are not required to list phosphates as a prominent component. Instead, they are more generally thought of as lecithin, mineral salts, emulsifiers, thickeners, and so forth. Some of the problem foods are listed here.

The Low-Phosphate Diet
These pages introduce Hafer's low-phosphate diet, five good reasons for switching to the diet and recommendations on how to get started.

Note: the Hafer-diet is not phosphate-free. Phosphate should not be eliminated from the diet because it is an essential mineral that plays an important role in cellular metabolism.

Here we have posted low-phosphate recipes to help you get started with the Hafer diet. If you have a great recipe that has worked for you, please email it to us so that we may post it here.

The Book & Order
The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate is the English translation of Die Heimliche Droge Nahrungsphosphat: Ursache für Verhaltungsstörungen, Schulversagen und Jugendkriminalität and is available for purchase from this link.

Book Reviews
One health professional described The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate "a valuable gem".

Here is what other health experts say...

"I have enjoyed your book very much, and feel it's a masterful work, thank you for all your work."
George Atkeson, analytical nutritionist from Michigan, US

"At the moment people are completely left in the dark - as far as ADD is concerned. I believe knowledge is as important if not more than medicine. The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate gives parents and sufferers alike a chance to balance their lives, in an easy scientific way."
Jay d. Mulder, B.Hlth.Sc. Cert. Ayurveda, Dip. Nutr., Dip. Herb. Australia
Member, Australian Traditional Medicine Society & Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioner Association

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This page is for the feedback we receive. Please e-mail us with testimonials of your experience with the diet, with questions, or with any other contribution you may have. We would love to hear from you. You may contact us even if you do not wish to post your story. We respect your privacy and do not make public your information without prior permission.

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