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Helpful Hints

This page has ideas, tips and suggestions to help make life a little easier for phosphate intolerant kids.

Make your own stock cubes
At the beginning of each week, using one of our stock recipes, prepare 1lt of vegetable, chicken or beef stock. Allow to cool. Pour into large ice cube trays and freeze. Use the frozen stock cubes each day as needed.

Sandwich Meats
Cook an extra large roast of chicken, pork or beef. Allow the roast to cool. Slice the meat thinly and use as sandwich fillers or as cold meats in salads.

What to do with fussy eaters
Phosphate intolerant children are often fussy eaters who dislike sitting at the table for any length of time, refusing to eat large meals.
Allow them to eat lots of little meals throughout the day. Five or six small meals keeps the metabolism going and prevents low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) from occurring. Low blood sugar is often the source of irritablity and low mood. Eating lots of small meals also means that your child gets to eat a wide variety of foods, which is great for overall health and well-being.
Remember to drink lots of fresh filtered water throughout the day.

Replacing junk with health

  • Phosphate-sensitive children all too often have adverse reactions to soft drinks, ice-creams, lollies, cookies, cakes or chocolate. But they would love a banana/mango smoothie, a pear/apple health drink or a fresh fruit salad from the all-natural food store.
  • Phosphate intolerant children should not spend too many hours watching TV or playing video games. These activities play havoc with their already overburdened nervous system. Instead, the kids are happy if they are more involved with daily physical activities: an hour at the swimming pool, an outing to the park, a game of cricket, baseball, basketball or football, or take them on a cycle ride. Children with ADD/ADHD love to be involved in a variety of sport activities. Get them to try as many as they can.


If you have a good suggestion that has worked for you, please share it with us. Please use the e-mail below.

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