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writes Bronwen, she continues...

I have an eight year old daughter diagnosed ADD in Prep, the local educational psychologist was very unhelpful and except for suggesting drugs did not really give me any clues on how to help her.

I eventually googled 'ADD' and up came with your site. THANKYOU!!!!!! It has been fantastic. My daughter tested highly with the litmus test and with a phosphate reduced diet her ability to focus and concentrate has improved by about 70-80%.

She was never a naughty child, but found it difficult to focus and concentrate in class, difficult to sit still in her chair and wriggled all the time while eating meals at home. She found it difficult to make friends and her co-ordination was not good. Getting her organized in the morning for school was a constant task in reminding her to put socks on, get dressed, do her hair, etc.

It was time consuming and tiring and constantly frustrating! The part that worried my husband and I the most were the continuous dark shadows beneath her eyes, even with 10 hours sleep; she would toss and turn in bed at night all the time to the extent that we would find her head down where her feet should be, and then next time we checked her it would be the opposite. She also had her head thrust back at awkward angles as though she found it difficult to breath. Her breathing was loud and she often snored.

With the change in diet she was a different child - four days after we started the diet, she got herself up and dressed all ready for school without being asked once. I just about burst into tears, I could not believe it.

From then on her improvement in all areas continued. She can focus better in school, her co-ordination is improving, she can follow directions better and her sleep patterns at night have completely altered. She sleeps pretty much in the one position, is quiet, not snoring and her head is in a good position. It is truly remarkable. The dark shadows beneath her eyes have gone.

Thank you so much for making this information available - I bought your book and found it totally absorbing! To think that companies can continue to get away with adding this substance to our food is frightening.

Just wanted to let you know how you changed our life and most importantly the improved life our daughter now has.

If I can ever support you here in Melbourne with anything that relates to this please email me.

Bronwen Brasch

Reference: Hafer, H., 2001, The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phopshate, PhosADD Australia, Perth, Western Australia, ISBN 0-646-40644-2, p. 54


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