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Karen's phosphate story

My entire life I have had chronic acne, idiomatic dermatitis, chronic canker sores (dozens at a time I can't even explain how bad they were at times), iron deficiency, brittle nails, and GI issues.

My story started 7 years ago when I went to the dermatologist for a rash on my face around my mouth. She told me I was allergic to the pyrophosphates in my whitening toothpaste. She gave me some medicine; I switched back to my old toothpaste and the rash cleared. She informed me that pyrophosphates can also be in food products but in my case it was the toothpaste so I didn't worry about the food.

Fast forward seven years, and 3 days after my 41st birthday my hormones decide to take a perimenopausal joy ride for about 6 weeks. In that time I developed the same rash on my face again. I was still using the same toothpaste so I decided to scope my food cabinets for the culprit. After I found out my Trader Joe's multi grain pancake mix was to blame, I thought to myself, “If pyrophosphates are bad what's not to say any phosphate is bad”.

So I decided right then to become educated and at the same time eliminate all phosphates from my diet to clear this rash. This included one very important key item - Flouride Toothpaste. The flouride additive in US toothpastes is sodium mono-flourophosphate.

Well, I'm sure now what the results were! Not only did my rash immediately clear but I experienced other gains I never would have connected:

  • I lost 5 pounds in 6 days from immediate cessation of the GI bloating I always had. Now my GI problem only flares up when I accidentally eat something contaminated with phosphates.
  • My canker sores are non existent.
  • My dermatitis has disappeared.
  • I am no longer anemic and have not taken an iron pill in almost 2 years and my levels are still higher now then when I was on iron supplements daily.
  • Not only did my rash clear but all my chronic adult acne has cleared up as well. I always know when I have eaten something contraband, as it will show up on my face.

For the first few months I was detoxifying my body, my stomach and skin would react quickly and severely from any phosphate intake. Now I don’t worry as much if I go out to eat and intake something questionable.

Throughout my journey I have let everyone of my doctors and dentists know, and not one of them had heard of such a thing as phosphate sensitivity! My dermatologist, who was key in my discovery, only knew of the pyrophosphate connection to the rash. She did not have any knowledge past that.

When I made this connection myself I started to research on my own and that's when I found your site and many others validating my findings. That's when I learned about the AD/HD connection. Both of my children have mild ADD. Medication helped somewhat, but adjusting their diets has eliminated the need for medication for us.

Thank you for your research and for getting this information out the public. I hope my story helps others understand how greatly these additives affect us.

As a footnote, I have not eliminated any natural sources of phosphate out of my diet, I have not found any sensitivity issues thus far with our natural food sources...

Karen Belleville

Reference: Hafer, H., 2001, The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phopshate, PhosADD Australia, Perth, Western Australia, ISBN 0-646-40644-2, p. 54


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