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Phosphate Sensitivity is Lifelong

This account is chosen to underscore the point that it is not only young children who may benefit from the Hafer-diet. The extract is from a letter from the Vidar Clinic in Sweden addressed to Hertha Hafer:

We would like to bring to your attention a man who is now in his seventies. Whilst reflecting on his childhood, he realised that he had suffered from a myriad of ADD symptoms, even though they were very mild - he did not experience significant problems at school.

As a child he had been fidgety; he had liked to act the fool; when teased he had flown into sudden rages and he was highly introverted. The difficulties he had encountered during adolescence had probably been no worse than those of others but they were not temporary, as is usually the case. Instead his problems had persisted throughout his entire life, he was beginning to think that he would have to take them to his grave. It was particularly difficult for him to accept that - because of his inner, highly compulsive restlessness - he could not be able to lead the contemplative, meditative life for which he was continually striving.

Throughout his life he did not drink or take drugs - apart from phosphate, the hidden drug. After switching to a low-phosphate diet, it took approximately six months before he was able to declare - to his great surprise - that his problems had completely disappeared.

He experienced the change as a miracle.




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