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This is Michael's Story

My name is Michael, I am a 46 year old male with ADD. When I was a kid they ran me through a gamut of tests, brain scans, blood work you name it!! I could not pay attention!! I would sit in the classroom and stare out the window. At about the age of 6 or 7 I was sent to a Doctor in Ottawa, Canada where I am from, who at that time must have been a pioneer in ADD research I was Diagnosed with ADD! And was prescribed Ritalin.

At that time in school teachers did not know how to deal with ADD students I was put into special learning classes even tough I excelled in math. I knew I wasn't stupid but it seemed like every one else did! This did not help with my self esteem and anxiety. When I was old enough and discover alcohol 12 or 13 this was a wonder drug, Alcohol help with self esteem and anxiety wow I was free!!! But as you know with alcohol it is a short term fix last only hours. I became an alcoholic before I turn 16 and kept Drinking till 2 and a half years ago where I was introduced to A.A.. If it wasn't for A.A. I don't think I would still be here on this earth!

It was God or in A.A. we call a higher power that lead me to your page Jane and phosadd.com. In A.A. step 6 and 7 we ask are higher power to remove are defects of character. I wondered how he was going to be able to remove ADD from my life!! He lead me to phosadd.com. I have been on the deit for 3 weeks and have never felt better! I am off my meds thank you Hertha and Jane!!! You have given me my life back!! Now it is time for me to help others. I do not want anybody especialy young kids to suffer for forty years like I did. I will pass on the work of Hertha just as it was passed on to me!!!!!I think this is my destiny. I will use my years of experince that god gave me and help others so that they may not go through what I did and lead fulfiling lifes!




PhosADD Australia email: mail@phosadd.com
ABN: 64021647394 www.phosadd.com