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Low Phosphate Diet Success Stories
And A Quiz Question

The following stories, the first of which were emailed to us; the final three are drawn from a selection in Hafer's book The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate, illustrate the results, which can be achieved by following a low-phosphate diet:

1. Bronwen's 8 yr old daughter improved significantly after only four days on the low-phosphate diet

2. Beckie's infant son was affected through breast feeding

3. Karen, 41, suffered from a range of serious skin and stomach disorders before she became aware of the phosphate connection

4. Julie - a case of severe phosphate intolerance

5. Michael, 46, became addicted to alcohol before he discovered he was affected by dietary phosphate

6. Richard's story, the editor of The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate.

7. Steven, a story cited from the book

8. Heinz, Detlef & Matthias, from the book

9. Phosphate Sensitivity is Lifelong, also from the book

If you too have a success story and would like to share it here, please write to us.

The quiz question below is just for fun.


This seemingly hyperactive, impulsive, highly gifted and very successful British businessman, artist, poet, journalist, politician and publisher was born in the 1800s. He lived and worked in the Victorian era, a time of great change. However, in this era, hyperactive behaviour was not regarded as anything to be too concerned about.

Instead, his friend describes a life rich in experience:

"When I first knew my friend nothing would content him but being a monk, and getting to Rome, and then he must be an architect, and apprenticed himself to Street, and worked for two years, but when I came to London and began to paint he threw it all up, and must paint too, and then he must give it up and make poems, and then he must give it up and make window hangings and pretty things, and when he had achieved that, he must be a poet again, and then after two or three years of Earthly Paradise time, he must learn dyeing, and lived in a vat, and learned weaving, and knew all about looms, and then made more books, and learned tapestry, and then wanted to smash everything up and begin the world anew, and now it is printing he cares for, and to make wonderful rich-looking books and all things he does splendidly - and if he lives the printing will have an end - but not I hope, before Chaucer and the Morte d'Arthur are done; and then he'll do I don't know what, but every minute will be alive".

Who is this person?


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