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Dr Ursula Klemm
The Hyperkinetic Syndrome in Children

“... I have employed, despite being very dubious about it, Hertha Hafer's low-phosphate therapy.

“……. I have found that the experiments I have made with the diet in my practice have been very - and sometimes unbelievably - successful. I have also observed relapses that were caused by dietary lapses. But why one glass of coke or one slice of a cake baked with baking powder, containing a relatively small quantity of phosphate, can trigger such a remarkable relapse I can no more explain than can the various institutes of food chemistry. To be convinced one only has to experience it.

“I know all too well that mainstream medicine disapproves of this therapy. Nevertheless, to help these children and their families, I would like to encourage doctors to let their patients try it, particularly as the diet is totally harmless and is not deficient in vitamins. The resultant successes will justify this step even though in the present state of our knowledge there is no scientific explanation for why it works.

“... My experience involving many cases confirms that a hyperactive, severely behaviour-disturbed child can demonstrate dramatic changes with enormous improvement in behaviour after three to four days on the diet. He or she can suddenly listen, concentrate, be considerate, be coherent and be in a good mood. But some children can take ten to fourteen days before they respond positively.

“When the wrong kind of food is eaten, however, the previous - often intolerable - condition recurs within twenty to sixty minutes, which happens as surely as if it were a law of nature! More than anything else, I consider the relapses after a dietary error to be the absolute proof of Hertha Hafer's method."

Reference: The above appeared as: "The Hyperkinetic Syndrome in Children" in the journal Der Kinderartzt (The Paediatrician) in December '83. This extract is quoted in The Hidden Drug - Dietary Phosphate.

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